You had me at big bob !


Glamorous big hair & socks with heels! In LURVE! Nothing real new but definitely beautiful and cool to look at. Highlight something, try it out and spice up your outfit! I'm at the hairdresser next week hehehe <3 X Sophie

(credits: 21ieme.com, Vogue, Glamour, Chloethurlow, crushculdesac.tumblr.com, Pinterest)


Sandersen Overview


Have a look gorgeous people! My new collection is out and about. You can purchase everything online - If you have any questions please write me to office@sandersen.com. Very happy to help with anything. My range will grow bigger every week so make sure to check in from time to time!

I am extremely proud of handcraft manufacturing - all pieces are handmade and from very good quality. The chain is allergy and nickel free - sun, lotion nor water won't do it any harm. It won't rub of or lose its color. And all stones are certified Swarovski stones. It could not get any better right?  

I really do want to provide excellent service and amazing products. I live and love for beautiful jewelry and could not be happier with my job at the moment. If that turns out to be my future? Eureka! Lets grow and support small businesses around the world! 

A big hello from Vienna, Austria! 

Have a fabulous day, 

X Sophie

PS: My brand Sandersen is a green label. I only use recycled packaging and donate to an animal charity called 'Albert Schweitzer Stiftung'. Environment is important - let's make the world a better place one piece at the time. Thank you ♡

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Summer Metallics

Oh my! Rose-gold is at it again! This time it is almost looking more… pastel colored? Very very beautiful. Soft mixed metallic nails and jewelry pieces have this certain magic. 

I think there are no rules applying to style. If you like it, you like it. I endlessly enjoy mixing necklaces and rings in different metals for example. 

Cool forms like bended bracelets and copper cutlery seem thrilling. Finally some action in the design area with those kind of colors! Intense blue feathers looking like fish scales got me dreaming. So much more to come in this section I think!

X, Sophie 

(credits: Aida Maria, Vladamua Makeup, Kylie Kosmetics, 
Christian Dior pumps, The 6 milliondollarstory, Sandersen, Kiss The Bride
Kat Dimmick, Antropologie)


Spring has sprung

Spring has Sprung my lovelies! And I'm one step away from launching my new jewelry brand. Well, actually the website is already online but my big focus atm is advertising and just getting word out. You can have the greatest product in the world - if nobody knows about it, it's not happening right? 

This sunny outfit may just exist to show you my new jewelry design ;) The next step I have in mind is producing beautiful tiny chocker. Very simple, elegant but cheeky at the same time. This design is called 'champagne'  - a matching handchain is already available! 

I'll probably work towards sets! Very intriguing. You guys will be able to buy the chain, the choker, the handchain and a matching bracelet! Wow what a cool option that would be... working on it :) In the meantime check out my fabulous webshop www.sandersen.com! There might be something catching your eye!

Have some great first summer days,
Xx Sophie 

(credits: necklaces from Sandersen, rings from Neuner, vintage Maui Jim sunnies, American Apparel top, Calzedonia leggins - fake leather, Zara heels. photo credit: Florian Moshammer)