VERNOREXIA - (n.) a romantic mood inspired by spring

VERNOREXIA - (n.) a romantic mood inspired by spring

Diese hübschen Fotos sind in Kooperation mit Miss Lisa von LisasWonderland entstanden. Ich bin ganz verliebt in die dunkle Stimmung und die schönen Schmuck-Fotos. Silver war die Farbe ihrer Wahl und ich bin immer ganz entzückt eine neue Schönheit in Sandersen Schmuck zu sehen.
Dankeschön !!! 

Die neuen, filigranen Stücke sind bereits online zu erwerben 

Lisa's Blogpost ist so schön geschrieben, 
dass ich einfach ein paar Auszüge davon zitieren werde: 

- Ich habe vor kurzer Zeit auf der Seite einer meiner liebsten Bloggerinnen gelesen, dass man sich in unruhigen politischen Zeiten tendenziell wieder mehr nach klassischen Elementen in der Mode sehnt. Unsere Werte werden wieder traditioneller – und unsere Kleidung, unser Schmuck und unsere Einstellung passen sich daran an.

- Frühlingsgefühle bringen einem auf jeden Fall die wundervollen Ketten sowie Hand- und Bodychains von Sandersen, die mir jedes Mal, wenn ich sie trage, ein Lächeln auf die Lippen zaubern. Ich kenne kaum eine andere Brand, deren Stücke so zeitlos und mit so viel Liebe zum Detail gestaltet sind, wie die der lieben Sophie.
- Gerade zu Beginn einer neuen Season habe ich große Lust, etwas Neues auszuprobieren und, obwohl ich normalerweise zwar sehr gerne, aber eher wenig Schmuck trage, habe ich dieses Mal beschlossen, viele der schönen Schmuckstücke miteinander zu kombinieren. Vor allem das Modell „Fairy Dust“ der Handchains hat es mir angetan und ich würde das filigrane Accessoire am liebsten rund um die Uhr tragen.
X Sophie

Lip Ring!


My favorite trend item at the moment is a lip piercing. 
After the septum, the jewelry ring wanders down to the lower lip. 
Seen on Kim Kardashian as well as on Cara Delevigne. A jewelry trend not to be ignored.

The Beautiful jewelry designer lili_clapse quickly reacted and already added the piece to their lookbook.
Also - check out EMAN's Beauty Channel for a beautiful Coachella festival look:

I tried it out too (right picture below) What do you think? 
Not extremely comfortable I have to say but rocking it for an hour or two is not a problem! 
Contact me if you need a quick 'fake' one ;) office@sandersen.com 

X Sophie

(Credits: Lili Clapse, Kim Kardashian, Pinterest, Tatanja Alves, Jess Chaddok, Cara Delevigne, Chanel, Alana Lim, Sandersen)

Other Styles


viva las islas baleares

Andrea looks like she was made for this kind of setting! A shame that my memory card was filled up quickly - the location was truly breathtaking. We stayed at a finca in Ibiza in the middle of nowhere. Very impossible to find from the main streets even, bit scary but also very private. 

Sunny days, flowers everywhere and good vibes, what more can a girl want? 

Mh.. a finance manager perhaps(;? Haha, no everything's good! My plans are developing well. Finding the perfect balance between production, design, distribution, marketing, online shop & social media though is very... let's say challenging. Especially if you're a perfectionist and do everything by hand. I need to remind myself to take it step by step. 

'The journey is the reward' right? 
So what's next on my watch? Well, having the best 'brand basics' as possible I guess. My range is bursting with new designs (chain bras like the one paired with the white bikini, body chains & anklets), these need to be present online (lookbook), the branding is nearly finished (packaging) and my fist label party is end of this month. 
Everybody is invited of course - it's on 22.06 @Wunderladen, next to Karlskirche.

Also I figured - I do not need a photographer anymore! Kinda surprising, as I styled shootings my entire life and thought I would never figure out 'the eye' (light, composition, magic of a picture). As it turns out it's way simpler than I thought. In times of social media, and yes I'm talking about the crazy rapidity that exist today, you literally just need a (not even really good) camera or a phone to upload news as fast as possible. 

There are SO many editing programs and to be honest a photo doesn't even need to look perfect. It just needs 'it' - a certain something. Editorials nor model pictures need a team of makeup artist, stylist, model, photographer and an assistant anymore. And it's also not possible to wait for pictures two weeks or more to be edited. 

I needed a bit longer I guess to figure that out:)..! My favorite editing programs atm are VSCO, Facetune, Moldiv, Whitagram and PicsArt if you want to check some out. Boomerang is great as well! Tried it out last week, very fun. Btw does anybody know how to upload Snapchat stories on Facebook? I think it's still blocked or something. 

Anyway! Have a great summer you all and try to check in from time to time! Now that I'm capable of taking pictures my model friends will come to good use :D X, Sophie
PS: Write me a mail to office@sandersen.com if you want to order a body or a bra chain in advance! Colors are as always rosegold, gold or silver.


mermaid fantasie

The garden and the sea is about life and beauty and the impermanence of all living things. Flowers, especially roses in combination with water have always fascinated me - mermaidy, soft, light and dreamy. I've never styled a wet editorial but one day I will, a bathtub and flowers - how hard can it be right;)? 

Please check out the glorious and sexy photoshoot “Agua caliente” with model Coco Rocha as well if you like these inspirational pictures <3
X, Sophie

(credits: love and lemons lookbook, Numero #94Josep Artés Photographer, Coco Rocha by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello, Javier Vallhonrat, le-nuage-sauvage.tumblr.com, Veruschka in “Sea Dream” Photo by Franco Rubartelli, Vogue 1966, wearesodroee.com, Lexi Boling by Lauie Bartley for Numéro China June/July 2014 , mattjmorrisilondon.tumblr.com, uyesurana.tumblr.com) 


La vie en rose

  (Sandersen jewelry, Zara dress, Humanic wedges)
Hey guys! Is it normal to discover your unknown passion for pink and rose at age 25? .... mh maybe! But also what is normal nowadays? What is weird and what is strange? I think nothing really! 

Because you can be entirely yourself with all your peculiarities... isn't that great? This makes us human, this makes us different from each other (which is an awesome thing). 
Imagine a world where everyone would think and feel the same. It would be boring!

Embrace your sense of weirdness and free your inner child. Because this is what life is about - being yourself. Try a new hair color, an outfit you would never wear and go on and say what you think! 
Trust me, it feels good. 

On another note, this outfit post will be one of the last ones. My brand is now in focus more than ever and I want to fully concentrate. Creating beautiful jewelry pieces has been the most rewarding experience in a long time. I want to try and spread them and see where this path is going. So lucky to have found my passion and call it work. 

Also I've met so many beautiful people and souls along the way, very creative and artsy - I wouldn't want to miss it for anything in the world. Thx for checking in on me! 
Have a great summer start, 
X Sophie 

If you want - Follow me on snapchat @sophiesandersen (I tried a face filter with this outfit and it looks so crazy manga like, had to post it on FB) on instagram @sandersensophie or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sandersen.fashion/

R.oser Photography - Raphael Moser(c)