Lita session

(top fridays project, skirt forever 21, jeffrey cambell ‘lita’ shoes, rings asos,pierre lang&sandersen, clutch vintage, sunnies mango)

When a friend of mine showed me those shoes, I thought
‘come on, how awkward, weird and freaky are they?’ – therefore had to have them right away. Sometimes I caught myself staring at my shoe closet and thinking about putting them on (yes for no particular reason, just to walk around in them in my flat) - like should or shouldn’t I? What if somebody came in? And saw me in my sweat pants and these alien shoes? Would they think I’m completely nuts?


  1. Anonymous4.10.11

    Great outfit, love the skirt and the JC's :) xx

  2. marine stitch30.11.11

    more fashion than ever! prettywoman