wood, knit and nail art

(fishbone pants, sergio togzi shoes, 'sandwich' sweater, black shirt from continental, pierre-lang &forever21 rings) 

I had the chance of being a test subject for my father’s invention of a new form of nail art (he is actually in the jewelry business but a freak like me :)) so let’s see how long it’s going to take until a nail/ crystal comes off – I am curious. It seems to stay on my nails perfectly and I think its absolutely stunning (It’s actually shining and blinging much more in real life then on the photos). Plus the colour that I chose fits xmas :) all in all I'm happy with it. I also designed a ring with the same material but in black. And I freakin’ love it ! Thinking about maybe going into the jewelry business as well? 

And if you are wondering if I’m cold, I am - but I’m also wearing thousands of layers under the sweater ;) 


  1. OMG you'r so beautiful !! Good outfit Love your blog <3

  2. schönes autfit !

  3. Isabella28.11.11

    jaime jaime jaime <3<3 !!!!!!!
    kisses from monaco

  4. i really like your blog and your facebook is cool aswell
    very sweet