Going through my stuff (searching for some more blog outfits to keep you guys entertained ;) I found some photos i actually didn't intend to post because they were just too ... amateur. You see, at the beginning of our blog I didn't really know what or how I wanted to start it , I just knew I wanted to work with fashion, cool outfits and high quality photography.

So the first few times Thomas and I met outside my flat and just ... started without really having a concept :D Thomas knew just how to take really good photos but didn't really get what I meant by „Streetfashion-blog“ (like zooming on accessories or ... putting the fashion before the persona) and I didn't know how to present me/my clothes (such as pose - because obviously I'm not a model) so we kinda put on a show and just had fun with it :).
Nowadays we try to take our little meetings a little bit more seriously because I think we have come to enjoy making posts with effort, good work and quality stuff.

Here are our funny first pics I'm talking about - hope you enjoy!