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so sry for no updates or posts lately ! It is just too cold for outfits right now and stress is currently the only thing I’m dealing with :(. Travelling back and forth between Vienna and Munich isn’t so fun but my finals are almost over and after that I’ll be able to concentrate on all the other things again... I never thought how much stuff you have to think about before being able to launch a website (not to forget a fucking webshop)...so many little details u have to worry and think about (links, emails, office time, packaging, shipping policies, taxes and all these legal formalities).

Next month Im also having the very LAST (I hope) shooting for the website and afterwards im off to London for a holiday :) - the last one for a long time, I suppose, after that I probably won’t have a life anymore (my final is in july, my diploma in october, my site is coming out in september and I have to work on my storage ...waaa.)
plans for london: cuddle with my best friend, shop til my very last pound  (is there actually a kind of fashion rehab? I should definitely check in), party, flirt, get a new tattoo, eat frozen yogurt, covent garden, pizza at dominos, .......... and I want to dip dye my hair in black or dye it completely in grey/silver.. we will see :)!!!

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  1. Anonymous23.3.12

    black! do it :) dein wing numero 2