Aaaaaaa I just uploaded my complete Lookbook on Facebook ... feels fucking weird, so much work published in just a few clicks ... Anyways Im just too excited to keep it from you guys and decided I didn't want to lose any more time. For one, to remind you that there IS going to be a Webshop haha and also so I can get a feeling of what is in demand in your eyes and what isn't. Which designs are most wanted/which aren't?

I can then concentrate on those specific ones, on the distribution to the stores and complete my stock. My website is still under construction because I just want it to be clear, simple and really finished so that it is easy to use for anyone. But as soon as the shop is online you can buy all things your heart desires - lets see if I will work myself to death :P !

So gimme some feedback, show me what you like, what you love or what you don't, but just show me something!

This is just a little tease, you can get a better picture of these photos on Facebook – so check it out :) ! https://www.facebook.com/sandersenwebsite

(Plus a big shout out to everyone who helped me!! Thanks to my love Thomas Unterberger/oneshot.at, Curt Themessel/starsandpictures.com, Josef&Leon Fallenhauser/trizeps.at, to my goddesses Ayline Kösetürk and Lisa Hanakamp, Tamara Puljarevic, Julia Mähder, Constanzia Delort-Laval. beautiful Nina Köffler and her boy Kaspar Leuhusen, Raoul Weiss, Susan Chinelo, Basma Salama, Flora Fallnhauser, Markus Carr, Renee, Maria Maasen, Georg Melichar, Johannes Melichar, ......
And to my chickens Sabrina Kizzle, Julia Stangl, Caroline Kreuzinger !)

SRY if I forgot anyone (slap me if you see me!)
<3 Sophie

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