Ibiza - Mallorca

just too funny not to post them !!!
my best friend and me having fun basically :) 
Sabis Fotos are the best <3 

Like a boss


yes that would look cool, of course I would no have the balls to wear it (maybe Rihanna) but fuckin cool. 

1. Tank (50e) - 81Hours 
2. Boxers - (30e) adidas 
3. Cap Boy London(56e) - Asos
4. Clutch (900e) - Valentino 
5. Bunny Ears (10e) - Asos
6. Shoes (330e) - Stuart Weitzman

Skechers (60e)

Sneaker-wedges review on here >>> :)  http://sophie-andersen.blogspot.co.at/2012/02/sneaker.html



Make up Moodboards

Hihi just found those - what a memory ! Can't even explain how nervous I was when I released/presented my collection for the first time ! Thank god everything went well - had the best afterparty of all times <3! 
maybe it's an inspiration to some of U ! please check out Maria, my makeup artist -> https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shape-Shifting/329275153781003 (she just started her page, bet she would be freakin happy bout some 'likes' :)


Frequency Freakshow - takin blogphotos at a festival (:

This time Dennis Bora - vienna's sexy photo golum ;) - took the pix. We literally ran around for 10 minutes with no particular goal in mind. Kinda like children - we see a stripper pole, we see smoke - we run, laugh and take some pics :P 
check his photography page on FB >> https://www.facebook.com/Dennis.Bora.Photography <3

Shirty at Frequency 2012

4 crazy silly party days <3