Los Angeles, Malibu - Clueless inspired shoot

yes, this actually happened 

The day started as usual. Waking up in LA is always something to look forward to. 

(11am) When you first open your eyes, hung over as hell from the night before and find your friend Lolli looking like a zombie, whining about not getting Gerard Butlers number, you start remembering what happened the night before. You slowly gather your own thoughts and start having a cheeky smile on your face. We then assure our friend that the night could have ended worse and start reminiscing. After lots of laughter, screaming and some crazy realizations about the funny shit that happened, Sophie and I remember that our shoot is in 4 hours. 

(12pm) WHAT TO DO? First thing is first. We roll up a doobie and settle down on the terrace. The warm breeze of the LA wind and its green herbs instantly sobers us up and makes us feel infinite. (1pm) BUT no time to chill..we have to get all our shit together and prepare for the shoot. We luckily manage to get everything ready in the last hour because of course we took a nap. (4pm) Our crazy,awesome photographer then picked us up and we were finally on our way to Malibu! 

This was my first shoot EVER and I actually didn't even think it would happen. We get to Malibu around 5.30pm which means we only have about 40min until the sun goes down. No pressure. Its beautiful out there and luckily there aren't a lot of people on the beach since its freezing out. But we all get in the groove and start jamming some outfits and making some groovy photos. :)))) We had some funny moments changing clothes on the beach, trying (and failing) not to get the high heels wet and just being silly and having fun. 

All in all it was an amazing experience and and a hilarious day and I want to thank Sophie for pushing me to do it and Elizabeth for putting up with our crazy asses. Hope you enjoy the outcome. 

check the final photos here (:  --> https://www.facebook.com/sandersen.fashion

xx Sabrina


  1. Susan3.6.13

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