Russian Arsenic - we are moving !

May I present a new Fashion Disaster ? Yes you see right - fur in summer is the killer ! Just joking, I've just been lucky cause a trendy friend of mine borrowed it to me - how pimpy is it though? :D 

Having known Sabrina for ages now I can't really imagine not having her by my side, having her mental support. You always need a second opinion on everything, somebody who you can fully trust on life, fashion, people. 
In August we will move to London together to pursue our careers and dreams. Being the sexy little actress that she is, we will obviously soon live in a penthouse apartment and have a butler or something… and of course lots of cartier diamonds will be send to us. 

Black diamonds preferably…. HELLO CARTIER? Hope you are reading this !!! we are waiting…

I must say I'm absolutely terrified because it will be ridiculously funny, crazy and wild. Do not take it the wrong way people if I disappear for the next two years - I will be having fun 

Love u babes, It would not be the same phucking life without you !

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