Final Teaser Video

HI Love bugs ! 
Please enjoy this teaser video - website is so so so so close ! 
Release is on September the 14th <3 

The past few days have been completely crazy - didn't sleep a lot, just worked on my webpage (and I'm no genius when it comes to that) - But I just finally had to finish it ! 

One of the biggest mistake of my life was by trusting my former web designer - that is a mother flower of the worst kind. We both worked like animals on the project - thinking about what could go wrong, what could go easier, whats cool, flash no flash ? ……  Well after 9 Month of hard work - he ditched me. He completely disappeared and had access to all my files, my documents, images, datas, domains, hosting information (even my bank account an my paypal stuff…. ) 

Everybody always warned me 'Do not trust anyone. Don't talk to anyone about your business, don't let them in your Life, don't comment anything…….. Well - I would have to say Fuck that ! cause I'm a person who believes in the good in people -  who's openminded, real honest - and I just believe in Karma, be good and good will happen to you.

And I am and was right cause in the end it all turned out to be great - an angel named David came to my rescue and saved my ass! He clicked his fingers and my webshop turned out better then I ever expected it to be. So anybody who really needs a good and easy Webshop/site - send him a request, you won't regret it, I promise --> office@champagnebay.at !!

And how perfect? He even sells the best kind of champagne ;) http://www.champagnebay.at !!! I could not have wished for more. thank you so much, I owe you forever <3 

Anyways I just would like to apologize to everyone who had to wait and write me lots of times when he/she can order something... Saturday is finally the day of all days and the webshop will be online and ready! Thanks for sticking with me... (: xx

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