The 180th Octoberfest has started ! As well as the Wiener Wiesen !

The 180th Octoberfest has started,  
as well as the Wiener Wiesen ! 

I think this editorial from my archives is the ultimate inspiration for the upcoming Brezel&Beer sessions! We (my student colleagues and I) shot/styled these pictures at a very dreamy, idyllic location. Nature was overwhelming and perfect for some Lederhosen fun. Main Mood was "Marie Antoinette meets Dirndl Fairy Tale" - the traditional uniform dress combined with a fancy upper class Lady. 

A big Hello to all my Munich friends and to the 'Wiener Wiesn' guests - have fun and do not drink to much beer !!! (eum that was of course a joke ;) !!!)
(here some footage from my days at university - (AMD, Akademie Mode und Design in Munich) Lot of 'blabla' but some cool impressions from the shootings from 4:29 on! Thank you Laura Hirch)