winter hair special and some outfit fun

(black tight dress from american apparel, jeansjacket from guess, rayban sunnies, black vest from mango)
(white legwarmers from wolford, dress from american apparel, rayban sunnies, cap from a friend of mine - I think she got it in New York)

From bright, bleached hair to a darker more natural look

So happy with my decision. I have to admit, I was scared as fuck ! But being a platinum blonde all my life now, it just felt right to make a drastic change. I bet my grandmother won't recognize me this christmas haha can't wait to shock her

 Ladies, if you want something new for this season, do not hesitate. And if the color isn't the shit, just say something went wrong for halloween and you'll be your old self in just a week ;) Breathe and don't panic - blonde, brown or whatever tone you like is just a bottle away ! 
(shirt from dieforit, leggins from calzedonia, leather jacket from belfasst) 
--------(sweater/vest from FFC, jogging pants from veromoda)

(pants from topshop, highheels from forever21, tanktop from h&m, cap from the camden market in london, shirt from gant) 
 To me hair is an accessory, that you can change whenever you feel like. It should be played with - and hell, we live in a crazy world, shouldn't it by now be accepted to change your appearance from time to time?
What I'm trying to say is, don't wait for it, be dramatic, try a fresh look and see what fits you..... 
Find an outer expression of your inner self. And, most importantly, have fun with it :)