Frontline & Online ;)

Ladiez ! Boys ! 
I've got some news for you

3 dope things !

Firstly (what I'm most proud of this month :) - I am selling my new collection at Frontline! Founded in 1983 it was one of the first shops to represent Streetstyle Labels from London in Vienna.

I am very very glad to have their trust and can't wait to sell my pieces, organize some events at the center (which is located in the heart of Vienna, yey!), maybe even have some major partys over there!?

Happy to be represented next to big Labels like G-Star and Obey(!!!). Anyways please come by and check it out - Flyers, Folders, Stickers, Buttons and super sick brands and a nice staff are awaiting you :) 

FRONTLINE is located at Generali Center (Mariahilferstraße 77, 1060 Wien) 

http://www.frontline.at <



Also my webshop has a new 'cleaner' face. We (My web designer and I) are working on a more optimized version, a simpler shop and a look that fits my basic vibe. 

I really want my brand to get an identity, a flair created if you wear one of my products, a style you stand for if you choose Sandersen. I am very much hoping that I managed this sort of transformation/evolution in the past two years.  

Here you go, my baby is awaiting you


17th & 18th of MAY 

at WUK (Währinger Straße 59, 1090 Wien)  

All you viennese chicken wings have to come and check out this mad chaotic and cool convention !
It is always lots of fun, lots of new inspiring and crazy labels to discover and nice people to meet.

I will be selling my bestsellers, as well as pieces from my new collection and the little rest from the limited editions that i still have stored in my studio. 

Really?? Yes! 

Normally I am not the kind of brand owner that is selling a lot of pieces on sale - I stand for my art and also my prices. 
My airbrush production and process isn't simple. It invols stencils, good quality cotton, a special color I looked for and finally found a year ago, lots of waiting and ticketing,… And also the talent to spray it in a cool, fast, and good way. 
Quality and specialty has its price. 

Even if it is a crazy procedure, which involves a lot of steps and a technique I do love it and enjoy the process of making and creating something. This is where the uniqueness comes to life. Every single shirt and product of mine is different from the other. It is hand-airbrushed. 

But it's summer and I want to let shirts fly around like dollar bills in pimply clubs - Everything has to go haha!
I want to make you guys happy, 
me happy and Shirty manager Tomsi happy ;) 
So let the happiness begin on 17th and 18th of May! 

Refresh your wardrobe for spring lovelies,  Treat yourself!
Step by frontline, click by online or visit me at shirty <3

Lot's of kisses, 
Sophie :**