Shirty Convo

Shirty was fun, great and awesome ! Of course ! If you missed it you'll have the chance to check it out next year !! I was sick as f** (fever with a really bad cold) - do not get me wrong, I had lots of fun and was feeling ok, but only cause I was on drugs haha (meds + coffee!) !!! 
Highlight of the convention was my father helping me. When I'm not feeling so well he's the one who's not leaving my side (even if I force him too), who's bringing me tea, coffee, food, whatever I want and organize the hole thing. So lucky to have a supporter like that.
Anyways, I met some cool, interesting peeps - love to talk and get feedback directly, feel the crowd, get some insides. I think it's important to maintain direct contact with customers and also why not? so many positive vibes in this field, i'm pretty sure that the industry in Vienna will finally evolve, have more courage to try out shit - my boob shirt for example (back in LA almost every sinlge person - no joke - loved it, wanted to try it, buy it,…. maybe also cause my hot friend sabrina wore it? who knows) Whereas in Vie my customers aren't so sure. They trying it, have a laugh, are curious - then some buy it and some are mh … put off. 
One of my future projects is to try out some Markets in London (Portobello, Camden, Brick Lane). Let's see how the feedback will be over there - also I love this fucking city so why not spend some time there and get inspired. English Mates I'm coming for you ! 
Thanks to all the people who did such a good job at Shirty !!!!! See you next time !