Wunderladen vs Sandersen Clothing

This shop is truly a little paradise of its own. I love love love the idea of a shop combined with a dreamy chilled coffee place 
 Take your laptop, a book or magazine and get inspired by the nice surrounding. No shopping stress, rare pieces and delicious cookies. If my passion wouldn't have guided me towards fashion-design and styling, I'm 100% sure to have opened a spot exactly like this <3
Cute, special, fun
This shop is a lot my style. It is the one and only place at the moment where you can buy my Bestsellers on Sale. The sweet owner and me got into talking over the 'Alice' Shirt and that it would be a perfect fit for her little 'Wonderland' (Wunderladen:)
Go have a Look at this cute insider in the middle of Vienna!
The 4 Besties
Designs 'Gentleman & Woman' and 'Bow Tie'
100% pure cotton
Relaxed and regular fit
Airbrushed (handsprayed)

And my Boobies of course
- 29€ 
Made from 100% pure cotton
Relaxed and regular fit
Airbrushed (handsprayed)
Argetinierstraße 1
1040 Vienna, Austria

Here's their Facebook Page 
https://www.facebook.com/wunderladenmodecafe <
Have an amazing summer everyone!!!!!