Sandersen Collection 2014

Sandersen Selection 
© Jolly Schwarz
Hello you beautiful people out there! My second collection is online and ready to be purchased! New fresh designs dedicated to the never-ending Party in our lives <3 

Been working on this for quite a while now. The Party Vibes (Pills, Titts, Ganja…) are a bit more special than my first pieces - the basic ones! But a tie, a bow tie or a gilet will never go out of style. These designs are pure minimalism, you can't go any cleaner or simpler with them. 
Wear a Blazer, add some Jeans - et voilĂ ! finished!
Soon my Webshop will have a new face as well - and check my tumblr if you want some more sandersen impressions <3

BTW what a good model - Jacqueline Sappert is without doubt one of the most professional and sexual models I know. 
Super alterable and gorgeous!
©Jolly Schwarz

Also big Love to Martin and a big Shout Out to the Burn Lab! I'm quite sad that you guys are closing... What am I writing? 
I'm fucking sad that you guys are closing! 
So many good times and great shootings - Thank you! 

And please check out super slick 

Yes, he's the kind of guy who's so stylish he wears his collar completely buttoned up. Perhaps with a red bow tie over it ;)? 
FARBENFROH - always fun and colorful !

Sabrina Salerno in Sandersen Clothing

Let me introduce you to Sabrina Salerno.
Yes, you're very welcome everybody! Also the girls ;)
Hey Baby, you look like a model!!!

Does any body else lust over this baby blue ocean? No? Just me? 

Unfortunately my bikinis are sold out at the moment, but I have this sexy design to show you! 


All these gorgeous photos above are taken by Fotomissy - she's based in Miami and from what I can tell a picture pro! 

Mad skills girls, keep it coming :) 
©Amanda Marie 
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Sabrina: thestrangelady
Sandersen: sandersen_clothing
Sophie & Sabrina


Urban Native - Beauty Shoot


Urban Native - Beauty Squaw

Photography - Michael Taborsky

Model - Kathi Kurzbauer

MuA/Hair - Nadine Mayerhofer

Styling - Sandersen

Thank you guys, it was amazing, cool and chilled as always <3 !!! 

Published in ConfashionMag & Flawless Magazine


Cheeky Monkey - Make-Up

Cheeky Monkey 

Some Make-up Tipps and Ideas for the Ladiez ! Enjoy :) loved the shoot! all pics soon on my styling portfolio - www.sandersen.4ormat.com <3 
And thanks to these awesome people!

Model - Laura Mayrhuber @ Tempo Models
Styling and Text - Sandersen (https://www.facebook.com/sandersen.fashion)

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