Photography by Verena Mandragora (http://www.verenamandragora.com)

Model is Timothy @Body&Soul Model Agency

Styling by Sophie Andersen (http://sandersen.4ormat.com)

Grooming, Hair&MakeUp by Barbara Maria (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Barbara-Maria-Make-up-Artist/)

Support by Chris Felber

Thank you guys for a very nice evening :)!

Also to be seen in my very first Sandersen Magazin Ad ! 

How cool is that :P???

check it out here:
xxx Sophie


Dirndl Editorial for 'Biber' Magazine

Forgot to post this story I styled for Biber Magazine - lots of models - never had so many different clothing (dirndl) options, sizes, and shoes sizes I had to care about.  

Also it rained like Crazy that day! You can’t really imagine or see it on the pictures, but it was nearly stormy ! I had to blow-dry the dresses and skirts in between the shots and more than two people held umbrellas over the girls and also over the photographers camera. windy and wet - almost thunderstorm like, not joking. I was always panicking about the shoes (and the soles) but it turned out so well :) 

Topic was the Austrian Oktoberfest - it was so nice to meet you all & I hope to see you again soon !!! 

Check out the complete Biber issue online

xxx Sophie

Dirndl Editorial for 'Biber' Magazine 

Ready to Dirndl ! 

Production - Delna Antia
Photographer - Tina Herzl
Styling - Sophie Andersen
Hair&MakeUp - Ina Maurer
Models - Alex, Darmina, Fee, Anna und Marie-Noel