La vie en rose

  (Sandersen jewelry, Zara dress, Humanic wedges)
Hey guys! Is it normal to discover your unknown passion for pink and rose at age 25? .... mh maybe! But also what is normal nowadays? What is weird and what is strange? I think nothing really! 

Because you can be entirely yourself with all your peculiarities... isn't that great? This makes us human, this makes us different from each other (which is an awesome thing). 
Imagine a world where everyone would think and feel the same. It would be boring!

Embrace your sense of weirdness and free your inner child. Because this is what life is about - being yourself. Try a new hair color, an outfit you would never wear and go on and say what you think! 
Trust me, it feels good. 

On another note, this outfit post will be one of the last ones. My brand is now in focus more than ever and I want to fully concentrate. Creating beautiful jewelry pieces has been the most rewarding experience in a long time. I want to try and spread them and see where this path is going. So lucky to have found my passion and call it work. 

Also I've met so many beautiful people and souls along the way, very creative and artsy - I wouldn't want to miss it for anything in the world. Thx for checking in on me! 
Have a great summer start, 
X Sophie 

If you want - Follow me on snapchat @sophiesandersen (I tried a face filter with this outfit and it looks so crazy manga like, had to post it on FB) on instagram @sandersensophie or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sandersen.fashion/

R.oser Photography - Raphael Moser(c) 

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