(jumper mango, dress topshop, rings pierre-lang, overknees buffalo, necklaces topshop)

Who says that bloggers can’t smile? The thing I feared the most about the blog was to ‚model/pose’ cause I’m not a model, and I don’t want to be. I just wanted to present fashion, so I told myself: kinda follow the rules but be different anyways. Doesn’t make much sense, right? Well for me it does ... but not really ;)


AA addicted

(AA jumper, AA dress, AA tights, AA clutch, zara shoes, topshop ring)

No im not addicted to the meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous ..... although it wouldn't hurt for me to get some info on it ;) no just kidding. My real addiction is American Apparel – i can truly say it is one of my favorite shops in the world (even if they experienced a lot of bad press and scandals) they still make great quality clothing that is fierce but basic at the same time. If I had the money could I would probably buy 80% of their stuff (even if I just fit into 40% haha). So here it is, my love declaration: an all around outfit, even the nail polish is AA made ;)


This little bit of Magic



(zara blazer, ybasics shirt, topshop jeans, topshop shoes, minelli bag, topshop&pierre lang rings)

Thomas and I are very different. He is all about the shadows, the light, the location, the wind.... and I’m like ‚oh fuck it, the people just wanna see the outfit’. But after looking at those photos I was really impressed by his talent. I guess it’s always about the little something which clicks while two people work together. A sort of harmony, consonance, ... une mixté unique. 

Who needs a studio if u have the street (or a beautiful parc)?


(chat noir heels, h&m skirt, intimissimi body, vintage praga bag, ankle ring asos, white and turquoise ring pierre lang, ‚bling’ ring forever 21)

Streetstyle (and streetart btw) are my everything. Wouldnt know what to do without it, where I get my inspiration from, what I would do at night without blogs. We shot the images a while ago (it was still pretty warm) and afterwards I realized how public places affect me much more than studios.

Streetstyleblogs had an extrem jump in the last 8 years and what I love about them is the street setting (the lightness, easiness, staging of the street) and that their personal style was always so different from each other, but in the last year (or two) you could feel some kind of forced effort that some bloggers put into their pictures. The  New York Times Style Magazine asked some damn good questions recently „How has globalization affected street style? While some cities have a unique fashion sense, others seem oddly familiar. Is the Internet to blame?"


(zara jeans; forever 21 body; mango cardigan; topshop boots; swarovski necklace, pierre lang rings)

Last week I was treasure hunting in London and found those shoes  (which my brain apparently always wanted). I got freakin excited cause there aren’t many ‚electric blue shiny edgy ancle boots’ out there, so I had to have them. Thinking about it I find me drawing a line between them and the amazing city. kinda cold but also punk rock fairy tale-ish ;) Thanks to everyone for the amazing time I had there <3 

Hey everyone! - yes, another fashionblog!

Thomas Unterberger is the very best photographer I know but also the cheekiest, so dont be surprised if there is a little bit of sex involved ;)

Sometimes the internet is just an overdose of information (especially when it comes to blogs), so I’ll try to keep it clean and simple. I know im not the thinnest, not the prettiest. but I just live fashion and wanted to share it with you. For those who are like ‚where the fuck is your website??’ well i dont know either haha, no just joking, it’s coming. It is just amazing how much shit you have to organise and manage to bring out a little clothing line.

Ah and I’m new in this whole blog-fashion-thingy, so pardonnez moi if I make mistakes ;) Would be very pleased if you’ld like our page, means a lot to us