wood, knit and nail art

(fishbone pants, sergio togzi shoes, 'sandwich' sweater, black shirt from continental, pierre-lang &forever21 rings) 

I had the chance of being a test subject for my father’s invention of a new form of nail art (he is actually in the jewelry business but a freak like me :)) so let’s see how long it’s going to take until a nail/ crystal comes off – I am curious. It seems to stay on my nails perfectly and I think its absolutely stunning (It’s actually shining and blinging much more in real life then on the photos). Plus the colour that I chose fits xmas :) all in all I'm happy with it. I also designed a ring with the same material but in black. And I freakin’ love it ! Thinking about maybe going into the jewelry business as well? 

And if you are wondering if I’m cold, I am - but I’m also wearing thousands of layers under the sweater ;) 


Such a label whore

(louboutin shoes, zara jumpsuit, miumiu bag)

I am actually not a brand girl at all – obviously I like some quality shoes but that doesn’t mean I’m not going for punked, shabby stuff (which i fucking love). Sometimes i like them, sometimes i dont – but tonight i went for it. The thing is, I can’t really pinpoint my style. It’s a lot of everything. My doing in all this? I just kinda try to fit it all together - see what might match witch each other. You could totally see me at a fancy gala on a night out and the next day in front of some shabby bar with ripped tights, converse and smudged Make-up. I think a good mix of unknown, known brands and vintage is what makes a good wardrobe


Last Sundays sunshine

(zara Jumpsuit, jimmy choo bag, zara shoes, swarovski, pierre-lang & polyvore rings)

its winter already  :( – we shot this outfit 2 weeks ago - enjoying the last sunny days. Such a sweetypie location in the middle of an old house. Makes me nostalgic thinking about the holidays… 
No more –light- posts anymore, if you know what I mean ... Girls and boys, get out your heavy winter jackets, (please fake) fur coats, moonboots, wool hats, beanies, scarfs and mittens..and everything else that’s got to do with knitting and wool…

Oh and if you're in Vienna, please join and party with me, I'm having my first fashion show :)) here is the Facebook event <3!