SHIRTY goes Frequency!

yes yes yes the never ending festival time (: Frequency - especially the Night Park - is just … amazing! 

And Shirty is there too! The prices I negotiated with the boys are CRAZY ! Normally my shirts cost around 60e-70e, there every shirt will only be 30e !!!  special festival prices for you guys <3 ! Plus there will be some completely new Designs - some even on black shirts !!! Trying some new shit out atm !  

I will be selling and strolling around there too, hopefully drunk - so find me and lets get even more fucked up !! And yes I also wear Heels on Festivals :P! 

check their interview about 'Shirty' aswell ! 

They are two very funny, crazy sexi motherfuckers with ambition ! So glad that I had the luck of meeting them and getting them to know ! love love love shirty, will always be devoted <3 


  1. I hate you. No I love you of course, but DAMN I hate you. Ich will auch randomly eine booth auf einem Festival bekommen und Poster verkaufen! verdammt he. jealousssssssssss.

    anyway. you're awesome.

  2. where can i buy your clothes? :p