My lovelies,

To be honest I have been partying my ass off the last two weeks, I mean my graduation from University needs to be celebrated (: But now I'm back and ready steady for a shit load amount of work! The first thing I wanted to change was a few things on my blog - I really want to post as much as possible, all things that have something to do with my Work and Fashion. I also want to post some things about my personal life - photos/ street art inspiration/stupid shit. I might put up crazy/perverted/awkward stuff, so please don't be shocked or offended! :P (Plus I will even begin to post my Iphone Photos, some of them are hilarious)

Here's a little update on my status quo for those who are interested: even though I have finally finished University, I still have to complete my diploma by october. Its 'just' a 'little' magazine that I have to create (I am studying fashion journalism/ media communications not fashion design as a lot of you may think) - ‚not really much’, just have to spend my days in the fucking library, write my ass off, create graphs and layouts while casually helping out with styling jobs for some magazines/designers/friends (which I love doing!), meetings with my web designer and programmer and trying to build my stock for the website release which means I have to produce lots and lots of shirts, hoodies, bikinis ....
AND if time allows, I will throw an exclusive sandersen release party at my studio/home :).

Sorry if I put up a to-do-shit list every time, but it's kinda like therapy for my brain. And that's what blogs are here for right?

Anyways I'm trying to make sense of the whole economic aspect ‚sandersen’ (do I need a tax accountant, lawyer, therapist? ;) ...there all these things I have to think about for my business) It's an up and down and many of you are asking me- ‚Why don't you do some more marketing? Some more PR?’ - '
You can't really see that your all about fashion on your FB profile...why aren't you posting your page more?’ Obviously I would like to do as much advertising and marketing as possible, but the more I do the more I need to produce and work...and as my father says ‚take everything step by step’ :) 

Even a fortune teller told me ‚Please stop for a moment and feel the ground’ - haha we'll see what happens.

My problem is I want to do so many things at the same time and I'm never 100% happy and convinced about the things I do (yesss its self doubt). Just let me a lil time, be patient with me and I will be very grateful <3 - My Webshop is theoretically finished, a neon collection is on it's way etc... But I think many of you will understand - I need some good party in my life or else my brain won't work :P

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