1000 !!!!

You won't believe it but exactly one year ago, Thomas and I took our first photos, posted things on blogspot, talked about concepts - about 'sandersen' for example (I remember being so afraid of what people might think bout me haha and the 'shirty' conventions and and and). This was such a magical moment and will forever be remembered. we had no idea where this would go but we just enjoyed every moment doing it - and still do (being silly for most part of our lil shoots helps us :)). we are just really happy that you guys enjoy our photos and get inspired. Thank u for everything <3 Every like/follow as well as feedback is most warmly appreciated by us :) <3 ! 
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scrolling through our old pics I found these and got the giggles :D:D had to post em!


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  1. That's so lovely to have started this with your boyfriend. Keep it up !