A few more candys from

my Diplom Shooting !! 
pics taken and edited by Nina Romana – a truly talented and upcoming photographer in Vienna. Location was the famous 'Flex' an underground club/place and perfect for this day. It involved some fresh skater style, neon colors, fun, skin, sex and graffiti,…. A little bit fucked up, a lil bit chic. Model Vanessa - a french beauty was mind blowing <3 !! Check Nina's Facebook as well she is super sweet and as I call her a non-bitch ;) positively all around. I personally can't work with arrogance or falseness - you can achieve so much more with positivity and fun!  > https://www.facebook.com/ninaromana <


making of photos

 just click on 'em and you'll admire them in their full glory ;)






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    1. danke liebste (: !!! <3 hoffe meine Lehrer werden es auch so sehen