Ready for some crazy ass pictures ???

Reunion at the studios - Fashion Playground !

Sabrina and me do not see each other very often, so when we meet we'll always plan something kooky and foolish. And what could be better than having a studio flyer shoot 
for my Mister Oneshot - Thomas Unterberger?

 What's the thing that will never be missing? 
 fashion moments of course:) 
First Outfit -(skirt from zara, sick shirt from forever21, beanie from American Eagle, apple-green dress from nasty girl, black negligé from agent provocateur, gloves from derby)
Second outfit -(silver vest from Monki, white dress from hervĂ© leger, dope cap from the camden market in london, oh shit black shirt from nasty girl, skirt Zara)
Twister outfit -(shorts from nasty gal, bra from free people, gloves from derby, red top from nasty girl, converse shoes) 

Have a nice and cosy winter guys ! 
Hope we can inspire you along the freezing month with some more colorful and funky pictures coming soon:)

some sunny greetings from miami beach

(Bikini from brazil beach lady, sunnies from dior)

A post featuring Sabrina
 The Misses is spending some time in Miami Beach this year! So I thought why not post some hot Baywatch Bikini shots :) 

Let's spice these cold winter days up !

" I thought why not keep up with the shenanigans! So here you go, me being silly on the beach! "
Stay weird peeps - Sabi


winter hair special and some outfit fun

(black tight dress from american apparel, jeansjacket from guess, rayban sunnies, black vest from mango)
(white legwarmers from wolford, dress from american apparel, rayban sunnies, cap from a friend of mine - I think she got it in New York)

From bright, bleached hair to a darker more natural look

So happy with my decision. I have to admit, I was scared as fuck ! But being a platinum blonde all my life now, it just felt right to make a drastic change. I bet my grandmother won't recognize me this christmas haha can't wait to shock her

 Ladies, if you want something new for this season, do not hesitate. And if the color isn't the shit, just say something went wrong for halloween and you'll be your old self in just a week ;) Breathe and don't panic - blonde, brown or whatever tone you like is just a bottle away ! 
(shirt from dieforit, leggins from calzedonia, leather jacket from belfasst) 
--------(sweater/vest from FFC, jogging pants from veromoda)

(pants from topshop, highheels from forever21, tanktop from h&m, cap from the camden market in london, shirt from gant) 
 To me hair is an accessory, that you can change whenever you feel like. It should be played with - and hell, we live in a crazy world, shouldn't it by now be accepted to change your appearance from time to time?
What I'm trying to say is, don't wait for it, be dramatic, try a fresh look and see what fits you..... 
Find an outer expression of your inner self. And, most importantly, have fun with it :)


Dodgy Muse - Octane. published in Elements Magazine and HUF Magazine

This was actually a next level photoshoot. I've been to a lot of sets, I've styled a lot of models and organized lots of productions but this one was special. Just cool, edgy and creatively fulfilling. High class work. People who come together and want to create, make and produce something. 

What you guys see is actually the end result, the very last outcome. But there is a hole lot of work put into it. More than you can imagine. 

When Chris - my photographer friend who shot those amazing pics - called me his production manager for the first time, I realized that I was so much more than a stylist (which was the role I always saw myself in). But it is true, a real stylist - when hired - is actually the person who brings the team/crew together, who organizes model, photographer, makeup artist, the fashion, who talks to the location owner, makes sure everybody is on time, everybody has something to eat and drink and controls the hole set. 

Designing a moodboard, so that everybody is on track and on the same level is one of the most important things, in my opinion. It shows and illustrates visually the direction of style which wants to be pursued. And then there is the actual fashion, which should be focused on the most. Designer labels are always hard to get, cool designer pieces even harder. If you aren't working with an agency, but autonomous you simply do not have the possibilities and options to 'pull' what ever you want. The only thing that helps you are contacts. And talent. And a creative eye. 

A Stylist is also a kind of harmony person, who makes sure the happiness level of everybody involved is high and that the process is flowing. What comes next? What's the next spot? The next outfit? Does the makeup match the idea and concept? How should the model look, pose? 

Giving creative direction must be learned and trust me, it is not as simple as you may think.  

Shooting is pure stress and I love it. With all my heart :) ! This one showed me once again. Thank you everybody (Chris, Nadine, Emma, Nico, Alex) it was unique and excellent. 

A making of film will be posted pretty soon !!!! One of my very first 'Sandersen Sessions' videos - had this planed for a while now, some sort of fashion series with cool behind the scene material. Hope you guys will like it.

Photographer - Chris Ecker (http://www.chrisecker.at)
Model - Emma Salahi
Makeup&Hair - Nadine Mayerhofer
Styling - Sophie Andersen (https://www.facebook.com/sandersen.fashion)
Making of - Nico Carstensen, Alex Boulton