Fire Shooting

Sick, sick, sick - nothing more to say.

Except that I was so scared, I always made sure to be far away from the shooting point (at least 5 meters). Yes, indeed it was crazy and courageous what we did. Looking back, we were actually fucking mental to play with this kind of fire and 'amateur' stuff. 

But hey - No risk, no fire right? 

Big up to the models, Magdalena and Jacqueline who rocked the place. Simply amazeballs. It was 3am, super cold, super smelly (petroleum) and hard work (standing still for 10 seconds so the fire would be in place is tough!) 

Okay, so I wrote more than 3 words but I had too. Many of you guys, my readers, followers and shooting fans in general can't imagine and therefore not know what a challenge and work it is to create and produce picture that please (you - the audience). But it is worth the trouble, if some feedback comes back and you guys are happy. 
Thanks for a great experience, team-work was on point, chilled and perfect 

(Diploma Project -
Four Elements of Fashion)

Photography - Jolly Schwarz (https://www.facebook.com/JollySchwarzPhotography) & Lisa Wacula

Model - Magdalena Petrovic & Jacqueline Sappert

MakeUp - Valentina Rich

Styling - Sandersen

          --> more at www.sandersen.4ormat.com :***