Brochure Shoot

Robert Royal and Jacqueline Sappert for Sandersen Clothing 
(Onesie - Asos, Leatherjacket - Candyflip,
Shirt - Sandersen, Shoes - Louboutin)
Editorial Shoot - 
BAD HABBITS (Party Collection)

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For a new lookbook/brochure shooting I asked white-wall expert Raphael Moser from Farbenfroh (https://www.facebook.com/farbenfrohofficial) to be my paparazzi bitch. He did good. Thank you babes, let's get crazy again with glitter, confetti and flying pigs soon. 

All pictures taken by Raphael Moser
Styling and production by Sophie Andersen 
Modeled by Robert Royal and Jacqueline Sappert <3