Londons Garden

A bit of Streetstyle, a bit of Sandersen, a bit of City Girl 
 London was fun and freeing! 

First some news - I'm working on colorful, minimalist designs for summer - neon splashes on white cotton. The Jizz as I call it, is so patternless, so messy to me. I like it already but it's still very much in a trial phase. 
 Also thinking about black A LOT atm, I've never been a fan of producing black clothing but hey ! You gotta go with the flow I guess.. 

All in all I gathered so much inspiration, met crazy amazing people in no time (this is what I mean, the fashion scene in England is obviously so much bigger but so much more open minded, welcoming and also capable whereas the Austrian Scene is…  well I simply think we are just boring and closed up still :P) and went to Camden Town, Spittalfields, Brick Lane,….. 

But the only spot I felt the most comfortable was Box Park. Very much my sporty and funky style. Coming to London not only meant having fun (not at all;) I was location scouting -  Where will I be able to sell my stuff? Which kind of people are shopping which kind of products? How fucking much is the rent? When is the best time? Basically where does Sandersen fit perfectly? 


The touch of strangeness and 'sickness'  that I love so much about London Streetstyle is screaming at me every time I'm visiting. So many edgy experiments. This pulsing city is made for little wannabe designers like me that want the ultimate 'proof' if people actually like and would buy their products (seen long term in marketing). My plan is to produce and design a lot more over winter and just give it a try next summer.

City boy photographer was Joey Tadiar
check out his Tees as well http://www.cityboylife.com - they symbolize passion, energy and city life. 

We got to talk into projects, links, interaction and what it actually means to cooperate. I answered him "This thing right here" is a cooperation - just doing something together, work on something, or even talk about something is a fusion. It was a lot of fun, thanks to all the people who made it a really wonderful journey. See you soon, you sweet darling city you (: 
xx Sophie