La Bella

When Michi asked me to style this editorial I was quite confused at first - the original J'AM Magazine is from Russia, but he told me it was for an Italian magazine - hu?! When I looked it up I could not find anything nicely styled for their italian mag, so I wasn't sure if it wasn't for the lovely Russians. 

Guide lines were 'Glamour' and 'Summer' - also they wanted red lips. But there is a HUGE difference between russian glamour and the italian one. Trust me. HUGE. In fashion anyways. 
So what to do? 
Of course the pictures had to be liked and ideally be loved (or else no publication)
So I told myself ok I'm doing it either pure italian or with a touch of russia, let's see where it goes. A Mood board is always so so important. Just to gather your ideas (to sharpen them, often oneself doesn't even know what he wants) and also to show 'the total flair/concept' to the hole team

 - without inspo my HuM Artist Nadine Mayerhofer could not have  magically perfectionated the beautiful italian Hair Styles. 
And man, you also have to think about every fucking little detail, like the perfume bottle for example (; 

An editorial has to tell a story, has to fascinate the reader. 

So I guess in the end it worked out perfectly, I met their taste and the location made it so much more worth the stress. So cool to stand in these super old ballrooms and think about how people danced, ate, partied here ages ago. In like big marshmallow dresses..
Anyways I hope I did good and if you are in Italy please purchase a copy of J'AM. I haven't seen it yet and I'm super excited to hold it in hands eventually ! 
It is their first Spring/Summer issue!

(Inspirations: Monica Bellucci, Lolita, very chic, very much italian dame. I really wanted to capture grace and beauty with the outfits)
Credits to these wonderful people

Photography by Michael Taborsky 

Hair and MakeUp by Nadine Mayerhofer

Model Tea @Stellamodels

And if you want to see some more shoots I styled check out my online portfolio :) 

xxx Sophie

Also a big Thank you to Liska (Graben 12,1010 Wien) They let me borrow the most beautiful things ever (from YSL, John Galliano, McQueen…)I was so scared the hole time haha - ruining a piece means selling my ..  mh what do I have to sell? my liver I guess - don't worry not happening ever. Liska are you reading this? ;D)