Silky Punk

What a fox ! 

Most important thing, other than the photographer and the location? Is the girl ! 
And I recognise a muse when i see it - never seen a model quite like her.
I looked for Vendulka (Wendy is her name in the charts) for a pretty long time. Blonde, hot, avant-garde. A model with that something punky. Can you believe this beaut is only 16 ? Such a little baby flower!

Next step was: stella models! Is she in town? Is she not? what's happening? Let me tell you, it is very rarely that you get the girl you want for the price you want ;) But after 5 mails I finally got the confirmation and the go for Vendulka! Then the actual process starts. You see, some women choose their clothing first and then the jewelry. Some choose their jewelry first – and then comes their outfit. Generally it's the same with models: first there is the idea, then you choose the mannequin.
But for me it is always so difficult to create a story around someone without really 'feeling' them. You know? I do not need a model, I need a personality. Anyways I'm the "jewelry first" kind of person. So what I needed to do was to create a story around Wendy much more then concentrate on the actual idea/styling. 

She did an amazing job, exactly what a model is supposed to do – self-confident, taff, almost elegantly floating. (And most importantely: not boring) I had so many girls on set that moved like dead animals - Not sexy.
Very often a model needs training on set but I simply don't have time for that. These shooting days are scheduled so well, it keeps the process going. And where there is movement, there is life and that ! you can see in the pictures.

Specialists in Black and White rarely change their pattern, their doing. Chris is a specialist like that. I remember (we shot three times together in total) – the first two ones (and I have to admit during the last one a tiny littly bit aswell) I motivated him to edit the pics in color or wanted him to try it at least. BUT obviously they look 10 times better in Black and White – really every fucking damn time haha. If you got the eye, you got the eye. And Chris sees in Black and White, that's for sure. As for me I'm such a picture addict I love them all ;) so here's a mix out of everything. 

And oh sweet lord, what a marvelous location! Every stylist dreams of a place like this. Every corner screams at you "please take some pictures right here!". The Time (I mean the time where this place was actually used by people like around 1840 maybe haha?) was so fancy, don't you think? A simple room or gallery was so powerful at the time it somehow crushes you when you're entering... but in a good way. 
Now this editorial is a good example for 'cross styling' - does everybody here know who Patricia Field is? No? If not google it immidiately! (and be a little bit ashamed of yourself if you're interested in fashion;)

She is basically the inventor of cross styling - my favorite form of styling. 'Crossing' something (a trend) is breaking it with one or two very simple details/elements. For example you take .. mh let's say a beautiful white lace dress (innocent bridesmaid kinda thing) and paire it with black rock n' roll ankle booties or Dock Martens et voilá ! You have crossed styled an outfit. Obviously styling an entire editorial is a bit more complicated.

The story behind this photo serie is a sweet one. Since I've known my good friend designer I wanted to work with him – but never wanted something hush-hush but something cool and edgy. As he is one of the very best couturiers and understander of the feminine silhouette, I wanted to do something different. His shootings were so over the top always, so classy, purely about female glamour - I loved and wanted all of that but mixed with androgyny. Haute-couture crossed with masculinity. Crossed with strengh. What did that mean for me? A clear cut, no jewelly, no bling and glitz but pure elegant edgynes. finally a long planed collaboration came to life. it's the result of both our minds :) 
Ladies we are a new species of gals in my opinion! We don't know what 'la belle époque' was like. We know punk, we know youth. We have this inner balance of feminin and masculin. So this is what Lahongs new face is all about. I hope I capured his art (in fashion) and my spirit of a new wave of feminism ;) Go Emma Watson !
And click the link below for some behind the scene material filmed by David Carey and Daniel Fröhlacher 

Also check out Wendy's set card at stella models

Involved were:

Chris Ecker - Photographer - http://www.chrisecker.at/mode/
Styling - Sophie Andersen - http://sandersen.4ormat.com (will upload the pics as soon as possible)
xxx Sophie

Mamamia ! After previewing the blog story, I was so happy I needed a cigarette to calm down :P haha! Happy looking!