a little update

I'm beginning to blog regularly again, yey! Finally! Got more content and time on my hands! LOVE it. Showing people behind the scenes and backstage peeks are my favorites to share, so there will be more of that. This time on the menu - a sexy crop outfit, kinda Terry Richardson style with Yashica vibes (honestly I have no idea what that means but my photographer did so just throwing this in there;). Sam from Optical Engineers (http://portfolio.optical-engineers.at) took these in between and they turned out great! Thank you mister!!

Also as some of you might know, my jewelry line is just around the corner - webshop is online next week!!! Wow, crazy.. time flies... anyways - that's why I'm wearing lot's of my pieces in the pictures. Want to show you what's coming up next! 

I thought i'd feature my makeup babe - Nadine Mayerhofer - an amazingly talented artist who shot a new youtube video and wore one of my haindchains! So happy, wait till I shower you with more;) You should definitely check out her channel - so many cool pro tips!

 Can't believe how many positive vibes and great feedback I got from ladies on my handmade pieces. Will post a webshop preview and some more lookbook pics soon! All I can tell you - everything has a beach and holiday feeling (looking at it I'm feeling more than ocean hungry). 

Man, summer. Where are you? Come on out! 

Have a great day, 
Xx Sophie

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