Pineapple Undercut

(outfit creds: american apparel body, cheap monday pants, heels from 'dolce iva' - a little shop in Croatia, backpack, leatherjacket & scarf from zara, handchain from my label sandersen, white leather strap from forever21) 

Introducing Florian Moshammer(c) Ladies and Gentleman! A young, talented photographer - so nice & normal, it's refreshing. We talked about future business moves & projects, about blogging, podcasts, the industry and finally took a quick walk around our beautiful city, Vienna. You'll see more of his work in the future, that's for sure.

This shoot kinda felt so mature and productive. Maybe I'm growing up? A bit? Kinda? ...Na, I don't really think so;) As you can see, mama got a new undercut. I can't really explain why, basically I just felt like it. Life is about trying out stuff, experimenting with everything and in my opinion hair is an accessory, you are supposed and meant to change and try out things with it. 

Life is fun guys, stop taking yourself too serious.
Hope some of you like the new do:)

In other news - my webshop www.sandersen.com will be online tmw! Still working on html and css stuff, but I'm getting there. Will also fill up InstaG and Facebook sometime soon. Those socialmedia platforms stress me out, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right? 

Also, all my thoughts are with the families in Brussels. Only last weekend my boyfriend worked there over the weekend and I just can't imagine life without him. Let's all be thankful for every day we have with our loved ones and just seize the moment ok? 

Love and Peace to all of you,
X Sophie 

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