viva las islas baleares

Andrea looks like she was made for this kind of setting! A shame that my memory card was filled up quickly - the location was truly breathtaking. We stayed at a finca in Ibiza in the middle of nowhere. Very impossible to find from the main streets even, bit scary but also very private. 

Sunny days, flowers everywhere and good vibes, what more can a girl want? 

Mh.. a finance manager perhaps(;? Haha, no everything's good! My plans are developing well. Finding the perfect balance between production, design, distribution, marketing, online shop & social media though is very... let's say challenging. Especially if you're a perfectionist and do everything by hand. I need to remind myself to take it step by step. 

'The journey is the reward' right? 
So what's next on my watch? Well, having the best 'brand basics' as possible I guess. My range is bursting with new designs (chain bras like the one paired with the white bikini, body chains & anklets), these need to be present online (lookbook), the branding is nearly finished (packaging) and my fist label party is end of this month. 
Everybody is invited of course - it's on 22.06 @Wunderladen, next to Karlskirche.

Also I figured - I do not need a photographer anymore! Kinda surprising, as I styled shootings my entire life and thought I would never figure out 'the eye' (light, composition, magic of a picture). As it turns out it's way simpler than I thought. In times of social media, and yes I'm talking about the crazy rapidity that exist today, you literally just need a (not even really good) camera or a phone to upload news as fast as possible. 

There are SO many editing programs and to be honest a photo doesn't even need to look perfect. It just needs 'it' - a certain something. Editorials nor model pictures need a team of makeup artist, stylist, model, photographer and an assistant anymore. And it's also not possible to wait for pictures two weeks or more to be edited. 

I needed a bit longer I guess to figure that out:)..! My favorite editing programs atm are VSCO, Facetune, Moldiv, Whitagram and PicsArt if you want to check some out. Boomerang is great as well! Tried it out last week, very fun. Btw does anybody know how to upload Snapchat stories on Facebook? I think it's still blocked or something. 

Anyway! Have a great summer you all and try to check in from time to time! Now that I'm capable of taking pictures my model friends will come to good use :D X, Sophie

PS: Write me a mail to office@sandersen.com if you want to order a body or a bra chain in advance! Colors are as always rosegold, gold or silver.


  1. Anonymous7.7.16

    Lovely photos and blog! Glad I stopped by today.

    Sabrina x

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    The mood of the pictures is great!
    I appreciate it so much. (I can say it as a professional Image Consultant ( Consulente d'immagine ) active in Milano, Varese e Roma.
    The mood is great and the pictures so good.
    I love it.
    Thanks for sharing
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