Lip Ring!


My favorite trend item at the moment is a lip piercing. 
After the septum, the jewelry ring wanders down to the lower lip. 
Seen on Kim Kardashian as well as on Cara Delevigne. A jewelry trend not to be ignored.

The Beautiful jewelry designer lili_clapse quickly reacted and already added the piece to their lookbook.
Also - check out EMAN's Beauty Channel for a beautiful Coachella festival look:

I tried it out too (right picture below) What do you think? 
Not extremely comfortable I have to say but rocking it for an hour or two is not a problem! 
Contact me if you need a quick 'fake' one ;) office@sandersen.com 

X Sophie

(Credits: Lili Clapse, Kim Kardashian, Pinterest, Tatanja Alves, Jess Chaddok, Cara Delevigne, Chanel, Alana Lim, Sandersen)

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