Glitter freckles, multichain trend & sheer veils

Spotted - 

* Fake/Glitter Freckles + glitter in general.
* the Multichain Look - different kind of necklaces (not layered & mostly short choker) 
from different materials, metals and with different pendants. Love !
*the Veil Comeback - sheer, beautifully placed, screaming "I'm elegant". And yes it looks pretty glamorous, especially on Miss Hailey Baldwin at the Met Gala 2017. 

Hope you enjoy these finds :)
X Sophie

(Credits: Emmalovii, Caro dauer, Chiara Ferrangi, Novalanalove, Instagram, sorbetbracelets, Sandersen, allelubets, Pinterest, Cara Delevigne, Armani Privée, Madonna, Harpars Bazaar, Chanel, Natalie Portman, Hailey Baldwin) 


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