Inspired by dark styling & witchcraft

("breaking an outfit" - an example of rebellious meets couture: septum, dark/frizzy hair, tattoos, relaxed pose and a ruffle, nude, flowy dress by Alexander Mcqueen, photo by Patrick Demarchelier) 

My absolute favorite moment is finding not only an interesting outfit but a "darkish" one. 
One that is rebellious and also kinda... dirty :D Make sense ? Best is when the look is dark
in combination with high fashion (means a couture piece is involved). Then - I literally am in heaven.

One of my all time favorite witches at the moment (and also a moment ago) 
is by far Michelle Lamy - muse and wife to designer Rick Owen.
She's not only a storytelling, confident and "I don't give two fucks" woman, she also 
has something to say - she has a different outlook on the world. 

Rare Interview over here

Her Look consists of huge jewelry: cuffs and rings, carbon paited fingers & a strait line crossing her forhead, zigarettes, grillz and a pirate/witch kinda attitude. I always found beauty in the 'ugly'.
Art can take refreshing forms and often celebrates 'the unnatural'. Let's celebrate the different <3
Another divine fashion find in the darkness department ist Designer Agnieszka Osipa.
These are the super dominant Pictures to showcase her art - with a lot of story behind them. 
Reminds me of Tim Walkers Photography. 

Check out the article I found these gems at: 
How incredible are her designs? 
Photo by Agnieszka Lorek
(Credits: Vogue, Givenchy, Michelle Lamy, Rick Owens, Asap Rocky, Zoe Kravitz, pinterest, tumblr, trendtablet.com, youtube) 

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