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My lovely trendspotting birds, it's almost summer! That means festivals are just around the corner. Coachella, Burning Man, Tomorrow Land ..... oh my how much would I love to go :) Austria has some nice spots as well but it's just a different feeling going on crazy hippie feasts!

For all those going - have fun and party like it's the last day on earth please! 2016 is going to be an awesome year, i just know it. Let's celebrate it. 

So this time my little eye spotted some very cool details. For example gold tattoos are over, completely. What you want to do now is: be creative and draw! Yes draw some cool patterns on your face, sprinkle some glitter on and voilà! Your face is unique and beautiful. 

Obviously we have some braid inspiration as well - very close headed I would say. Just find somebody who can do it - it will hold all day, I'm sure. Looks pretty damn cool! We still have feathers and flowers in our hair. Jewelry wise there are no rules, everything goes. For those who want to check out my new pieces: I designed hand chains this season - www.sandersen.com
A very nice accessorize option, I love them very much myself. 

Like always: Everything goes outfit wise! Have fun! Be funky! It doesn't matter what others think. Just do what you feel, that's what festivals are about. Only thing is - do not be boring! I dare you. You guys are celebrating life, celebrating each other. You are all different and have different taste, why not celebrate this too?  

Hope you like it. I was in an easy breezy color mood;) 

Xx Sophie  

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