Summer Metallics

Oh my! Rose-gold is at it again! This time it is almost looking more… pastel colored? Very very beautiful. Soft mixed metallic nails and jewelry pieces have this certain magic. 

I think there are no rules applying to style. If you like it, you like it. I endlessly enjoy mixing necklaces and rings in different metals for example. 

Cool forms like bended bracelets and copper cutlery seem thrilling. Finally some action in the design area with those kind of colors! Intense blue feathers looking like fish scales got me dreaming. So much more to come in this section I think!

X, Sophie 

(credits: Aida Maria, Vladamua Makeup, Kylie Kosmetics, 
Christian Dior pumps, The 6 milliondollarstory, Sandersen, Kiss The Bride
Kat Dimmick, Antropologie)

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